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This is the claim made by TT's executive producer Craig Mc Pherson to The Sunday Age after days of God-bothering controversy.

"Whether the struggling show was after publicity or not," Mr Mc Pherson wrote in an email, "we then made a series of checks and found (Hillsong and affiliates) were very much involved in the whole of Idol." The idea that happy-clappers have been stacking the Idol vote in favour of Jesus-loving contestants has been around since Guy Sebastian won the first series.

“I like Lorde – that song ‘Royals’ and the ‘Love Club.’ I love City and Colour. I’ll go into a spa for a massage and they’ll like turn on ‘80s pop music and I’m like, ‘Nooo … ’” For more from Molly Meldrum’s Foxtel and Sky exclusive interview with Pink, tune in to MTV on Monday September 2 @ 8.50pm!

“See I’ll hear something random and it’s the voice and like the soul behind it and I don’t care what genre it is and I’m just taken away,” she continued, before name-dropping Kiwi songbird of the moment, Lorde. And then I listen to a lot of weird meditation music.

Caggie Dunlop paved her way into our lives through Made in Chelsea, having cocktails with best pal Millie Mackintosh and keeping naughty Spencer Matthews in check.