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And yet he couldn't imagine his life without her presence.

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Two hours after the shop had closed (am), Inoue was photographed leaving from the staff entrance of the restaurant escorted, and taking a taxi by which she went home.

About 5 minutes later Jun Matsumoto with his labelmate Ikuta Toma also left from the staff entrance and took their own taxis to go home.

Suddenly Jun's mind drew a blank as he paused to look at Inoue Mao and nothing came to his mind. No word, no role fit cookie-cutter perfect on her presence in his life.

Inoue Mao was not his sister, she was not his niece, she was not his cousin, she was not his neighbour and she was most definitely not his girlfriend or even friend for that matter.

Setting aside their top star status, just by doing Hana Yori Dango together and becoming a public darling onscreen couple makes the fan and media eagerness for them to go public soon very understandable.


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