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The tempestuous brunette dips her naughty fingers deep inside that cock craving vagina of hers and she climaxes in only a few minutes before resuming her daily routine.

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"The worst part of this video is them making fun of the fact that I lost my father. She's even been hanging around Scott Disick, who's known for his hard partying and struggles with substance abuse.

Where's the vibrator thooo," the 19-year-old tweeted after seeing the X-rated vid, which also features an unidentified voice saying, “I really needed a father.” Bella, whose dad died in a motorcycle accident when she was just nine years old, was particularly disturbed by the inclusion of the voiceover. Over the last year, fans have noticed a drastic change in the redhead's appearance and demeanor, which many believe is Bella's way of distancing herself from the Disney Channel persona that made her a star.

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