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Once I was in front of those cameras, I got the bug. You’re not a celebrity until…you’ve had a gay rumor. I’ve been around gays, transgenders and transsexuals.

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Mc Carthy said he and his team had been wanting for a long time to do something in the horror comedy space, which is currently in the zeitgeist with the success of an “over-the-top murder mystery in the reality space.” After eight seasons on Logo and an Emmy win for host Ru Paul, Drug Race moved to VH1 for its ninth season this spring.

“It’s been amazing to see the show get its highest season ever on a whole new night on a whole new network,” Mc Carthy said.

Later, she started dating Da Rico Hines, the assistant coach of St.

Johns Men’s Basketball Team and they got married on August 18, 2012. La Guardia High School, a school of music and arts since she had an interest music and 2003.

“The 90s resurgence is such a big and resonant force that is still going on in culture, we wanted to run into it and a take a group of Millennials that have the love of the 90s and the nostalgia and bring them back into the 90s so they have the music, the TV, the sound and the product the 90s but also the technology of the 90s — 90s cell phones, dial-up — seeing what that culture clash looks like.” The Ricky Martin project (title TBD), a behind the scenes look at the singer and his crew’s preparations for his Las Vegas residency, is set to premiere in June.