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Customer efforts over this time played a large role in reducing water use an average of 16.5% since June of 2015.

With the good precipitation over the winter and the lifting of the emergency regulations the City is able to ease restrictions and move back to Stage 1 (Basic Stage).

The US Environmental Protection Agency's Water Sense program provides certification that toilets meet the goal of using less than 1.6 US gallons per flush.

Units that meet or exceed this standard can carry the Water Sense sticker. Congressman Joe Knollenberg from Michigan tried to get Congress to repeal the law but was unsuccessful. This law made 1.6 gallons per flush a mandatory federal maximum for new toilets.

Following unprecedented water conservation and plentiful winter rain and snow, on April 7, Governor Edmund G. ended the drought State of Emergency in most of California, while maintaining water reporting requirements and prohibitions on wasteful practices such as watering during or right after rainfall.