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Originally a small port town located between Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay, through the years St.

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Julian's enjoys idyllic weather conditions year-round, it is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, diving, snorkeling, swimming, parasailing, wakeboarding while enjoying magnificent views of the Mediterranean will offer moments of pure emotions.

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Malcolm Cole, This is the latest I saw published, and this was the day afte the fire, as reported in To M.https:// . Georg's Square so I should think that is why the web cam is off.(I had a look on Google as a Skyliner friend Viv mentioned it to me)Just north of Valletta (Il-Belt Valletta), St Julian's (San Ġiljan) is one of Malta's main tourist destinations, developed into one of the island's most popular nightlife and entertainment spots, its unique views are of extraordinary beauty.

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