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from 2008-2010 and, alongside Kayda (Effy), was one of the only characters from the second generation to reappear in the third generation. We’re still hoping she lands an acting role soon though. (which also stars Rosamund Pike and Tom Felton so we’re majorly jealous).

Sadly, unlike Kayda, Lisa hasn’t had much luck landing roles since. Five years on, she has no acting credits to add to her portfolio. He looks so grown up now which makes us a little bit sad, but not too sad because he’s a serious contender for Man Crush Monday.

We didn’t see that one coming and kinda wish we had the motivation to get in shape too.

Instead we’ll just sit here drooling over her pics and awaiting her new short film whilst scoffing chocolate (SOMEONE has to be lazy, we can’t all be fit).

Pretty sure Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard met during it as well (though it's more rumored like they had a fling).