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Current postion: Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) Fellow DECRA granted by ARC (Australian Research Council) Division of Ecology, Evolution, and Genetics Research School of Biology The Australian National University DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) Fellow, Craig Moritz Lab, Division of Evolution, Ecology and Genetics, Research School of Biology, ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Mentors: Brian O'Meara, Dan Simberloff Graduate Student Researcher, Bi TS: Bivalves in Time and Space: Testing the accuracy of methods to reconstruct ancestral morphology, dates, geography, and diversification patterns, NSF grant, co-PIs Scott Steppan (FSU, molecular systematics), Ruediger Bieler (Field Museum, morphological systematics), Paula Mikkelsen (Paleontological Research Institution, morphological systematics), Jan Johan ter Poorten (Netherlands, morphological systematics of cardiids), David Jablonski (Univ. Instructors: Kevin Padian (Department of Integrative Biology) and Ron Hendel (Department of Near Eastern Studies).

(DECRA announcement) NIMBio S Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Biology, National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBio S, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Chicago, paleobiology), and John Huelsenbeck (UC Berkeley, computational systematics). Graduate Student Instructor, Letters and Science 121 - Origins in Science and Religion, Department of Letters and Science, U. (* = co-first-author) bio Rxiv/in review Matos-Maraví, Pável; Matzke, Nicholas J.; Larabee, Fredrick J.; Clousef, Ronald M.; Wheeler, Ward C.; Sorger, D. Trans-Pacific long-distance dispersal and the interplay between abiotic factors and 2 ecology shaped the diversity of Indo-Pacific trap-jaw ants. MEC-17-0457 Lam, Adriane; Stigall, Alycia; Matzke, Nicholas (2017). Topology, divergence dates, and macroevolutionary inferences vary between different tip-dating approaches applied to fossil theropods (Dinosauria). (Part of the "Putting Fossils in Trees" special issue.) Yuan, Z.-y.; Zhou, W.-w.; Chen, X.; Poyarkov, N.

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The testimony of Dover School Board members in the Kitzmiller case, who lied in affidavits and on the stand to protect the ID policy, was deceitful and an example of creationists willing to bend the truth to see their own agenda furthered. Clinton appointed Judge Clarence Cooper made a ridiculous ruling that was faithful to the left wing overlords that he serves. Jones on the other hand is a good old boy brought up through the conservative ranks. Senator Rick Santorum is a Pennsylvanian in the same circles (author of the “Santorum Language” that encourages schools to teach the controversy) and last but far from least, George W.

One consistency among the Dover School Board members' testimony, which was marked by selective memories and outright lies under oath, as will be discussed in more detail below, is that they did not think they needed to be knowledgeable about ID… One of the primary forces behind the intelligent design policy, Alan Bonsell, went above and beyond in this respect, offering testimony so suspicious and facetious that the judge took the prerogative to examine the witness himself. Lead plaintiff's counsel feared that this would impact the case negatively for the anti-intelligent design side, and at least one ID-proponent was confident that Jones would rule in their favor for political reasons. Bush hisself drove a stake in the ground saying teach the controversy.

These two citations are but two characteristic examples. Jones III, the presiding judge in the case, has been pejoratively tagged as an "activist judge" for his role in the case. During the trial, Dave Scot, then a co-blogger at William Dembski's Uncommon Descent blog, wrote: This is all about Judge Jones. A sticker that did no more than mention a plain fact, that evolution is theory not a fact, was ruled a violation of the establishment clause. A local school board saying evolution is a theory is, in some twisted logic that just makes me shudder, a law regarding an establishment of religion. Unless Judge Jones wants to cut his career off at the knees he isn’t going to rule against the wishes of his political allies. This won’t be over until it gets to the Supreme Court. In essence, the "Uncommon Descent" blogger hoped for an opinion motivated by Jones' (perceived) distaste with evolution, what Scalia would call a "willful judge," or one who lets personal opinion get in the way of the law.

If it were about the merits of the case we know we’d win. In the blogger's neoconservative opinion, an activist judge is fine, as long as he is pro-intelligent design and agrees with the Discovery Institute's agenda.

The dissenting members of the school board resigned in protest and the measure carried. Angered about being forced to teach about ID, the entire science teaching faculty of Dover High School refused to read the statement, citing a clause in the Pennsylvania code of education allowing them not to be forced to teach something they thought false.