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”Alena’s mother declined to be interviewed by the Guardian.

Live chatt with pantyhose models-77

I love nature and derive strength, first of all, from the charms of the world round me.

I seek for to transfer the Harmony of the nature into my inwardness.

One way connexion: you can only control my NORA TOY with vibrations and rotations. Two ways connexion:you can buy MAX TOY and I can also give you pleasure by controlling your toy until you will beg me to stop. : XI know that we all have many different desires and fantasies.

You can ask me for : - Motorcycle helmet ( black, white ) - White short socks - A lot of pantyhose( black, white, blue, gray, mauve, golden) - Stockings (white, black, red ) - Swimsuit ( orange, blue, green ) - Shirts (many colors) - Costume secretary - Dresses( pink, blue, black, red, white, turquoise, black&white, orange) - Jeans (blue, black, red, white, gray) - Legging (black) - Points - Show feet (toes) paint toes - Lotion - oil - lube on my body - Lipstick - Skirts ( pink, black, green ) - Shorts (blue, black, white, golden, green )I am stable, confident, cheerful and sexy woman.

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