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An accountant is the one member of your professional team who can best help keep your finances in order.

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"He is the guy that ran up millions from a two-cent stamp. We were looking indifferently out of the window at the usual activity which follows the arrival of any train, when somebody yelled out: "Hey, you men! "You men get off this train and follow me," he directed. The same afternoon, we were transferred to Rouses Point. I was held for smuggling aliens into the United States. "It seems to me that he does too," I poured back at him, losing my head. Instead, he actually coaxed us, led us, into a violation of the law in order to make a record for himself. The judge glanced through the papers and took a squint at me. There were paid their two or more months allowances as government witnesses. I have been trying to ever since, but without success. Probably figuring how he could beat Teddy Roosevelt at the next presidential elections. In Atlanta, the deputy-marshals took us to a "bar-room" (?! Something to pep us up before the ordeal of a prison commitment. In fact, it was so far from any beer taste that it could not have caught up with it in a coon's age. From incometax dodgers to bootleggers and mail-robbers. Rather, for my intimate knowledge of the quack's methods and past. Men, women and children were all banded together by a uniform hope in and fear of their lord and master, the capricious King Coal. Yet, it had to be done because the hospital was two miles away and the only way to get there was walk. All I needed for that water and power plant were a gasoline engine, a pump, a dynamo and a tank. On top of the hill and down part of the other slope, there was another small, but more exclusive district for the native population. The whole community was organized under a charter and had some sort of a town council. I have made a superficial survey of the proposition and found that it would be practical to pump the water from the creek to a tank on top of the hill and distribute it from there. But I can't find anybody who will give up as little as an inch of his skin for her." He told me he had asked everybody around the camp. It did not seem fair that a young girl like Pearl should be permitted to die such a horrible death.

Substantive tests of financial information which examine relationships among data as a means of obtaining evidence.

Such procedures include: (1) comparison of financial information with information of comparable prior periods; (2) comparison of financial information with anticipated results (e.g., forecasts); (3) study of relationships between elements of financial information that should conform to predictable patterns based on the entity's experience; (4) comparison of financial information with industry norms.

Additions might include improvements to the property and subtractions may include affects the extent to which medical expenses, non business casualty and theft losses and charitable contributions may be deductible.