Liquidating limited company Porn pic swap

Advice is recommended where you are concerned about any persona liabilities.

If the limited company has outstanding debts then it may be applicable to consider liquidation as a method of closing the company.

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The best method applicable to closing down a limited company depends on whether that company is solvent or insolvent (i.e. If you are unsure how to close down your company, or what method to use, it is advisable you speak to a professional (this may be an insolvency practitioner or a solicitor specialising in the field).

We can certainly assist with the process and legal advice if you are unsure, worried or don’t want the hassle.

Timing can be very important if you are considering closing a company.

Continuing to trade on when the company is insolvent creates significant potential risks.

If you have a limited liability company that is to close or has ceased trading it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to formerly dissolve the company or follow a dormant company route.