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Linda’s last public appearance was performing together with Ruco in a concert last week in United States.

On Linda’s wedding news, Ruco said, “If this is true, I am very happy for her. ” Source: On.cc, Apple Daily This article is written for

Linda and Philip reportedly broke up in February last year.

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After Raymond Lam completed his concert, he has been trying to spend more time with his girlfriend, Karena Ng.

Earlier, he went holidaying with Karena to Australia.

He calls himself Raymond as the pronunciation of it is similar to his birthname 'Wui-man'.

The name was changed to give him a "feng shui advantage".

While his first languages are Cantonese and Hokkien, Lam studied in Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School, a primarily Mandarin-speaking primary school in pre-Handover Hong Kong and is thus also fluent in Mandarin and English. Following that, he studied architecture in Xiamen University for 1st Year, and then completed the rest at University of Southern California, majoring in architecture and minoring in music.


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