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Where Dunham is hyperverbal, Konner is wry and laconic, but they share a fast wit and a sense of the comic style.

Making a quick pass through a writer’s script, Konner might fine-tune its voice, adding an “Honestly” to the start of a line for Shoshanna—Zosia Mamet’s chatterbox character—or adjusting the rhythm of a back-and-forth.

Managing this high-wire feat isn’t straightforward. Campbell, an actor who trained originally at the Central School of Music & Drama in London, has a CV that runs the proverbial gamut from stage to screen.

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“Film-making is a construction of reality that is very mechanical and very choreographed.

It is made to look like the camera has chanced upon an intimate moment between two people, but the reality of constructing it couldn’t be further from that.” : “Domhnall and I had our jeans on during that scene, while his girlfriend and my husband sat in the room next to us during filming,” she says.

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When lonely widower Evan Stone announces he's become engaged, son Rocco is eager to meet his stepmother-to-be.

We’ve come a long way, seemingly, since the time when full-frontal nudity, or unsimulated sex acts for that matter, were considered truly seismic.