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“Our data suggest, however, that sexual activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and a few cluster headache patients.

“Our results show that sexual activity during a migraine attack might relieve or even stop an attack in some cases, and that sexual activity in the presence of headache is not an unusual behaviour.” They added: “Sex can abort migraine and cluster headache attacks, and sexual activity is used by some patients as acute headache treatment.” In their research, titled “The impact of sexual activity on idiopathic headaches: An observational study”, the team of neurologists investigated whether sex can trigger headaches.

What did the you hope to achieve when setting about creating the film?

‘To create a film that discussed same sex desire in a space that doesn’t endorse it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a story that needed to be told to foreground people who have always been marginalised in the culture.

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