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As a young child, Lee Min-Ho hoped to become a football (soccer) player, but an injury in the 5th grade of elementary school ended those dreams.

However, Lee Min-Ho still keeps up with football and mentions Cristiano Ronaldo as his favorite player.

I'm a hardcore fan, I watched all of her variety shows, every series, and every drama. Always looking out for her news of whatever she may star in..reality shows, movies and dramas.. more of Park Bo Young :) One of the awesome actresses that I have always looking forward for. Been watching you since 2012 (Watched you first in A Werewolf Boy) and now I just finished watching your drama, Oh My Ghost!!! Park Bo-Young is one of the most talented of all the young Korean actresses now. She is best in romantic comedies and her acting is so natural and she comes across as so sweet in her roles. just finished "Oh My Ghost" and your acting was so great, you played different personalities and you played them so well. so cute no wonder we are the same blood type and month of birth hehe.. you do it well , Park Bo young can be naughty too ..

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she was bong sun for one and bong soon for the other lol. You always delivers, please believe more in yourself and challenge yourself more. Don't take too long break after every drama please. Have loved her since her "King and I" with Yoo Seung Ho. he won 6 awards because "scandal makers" for you who her work in that movie go watch it, its too damn masterpiece, if u think her acting in oh my ghost and strong woman do bong soon is good, you should "scandal makers" recommended for those who likes bo young haha I only know park bo young from oh my ghostess, she catches my eyess since then. The recent one strong woman do bong soon is really nice and entertaining. Looking forward to watching her career from the US. well i just hope they have there latest sources to post some latest update about here..

:) She's a great actress and I can't believe those people that said that Bo Young unnie way of crying was terrible. Anyways, I love her for being so cute and pretty and (so damn sexy -Park Hyun Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk) keke! I've known for about 2 months now, but she was the girl on The Werewolf Boy? S.: I think she's prettier with long hair and pretty with short hair. anyone else see the irony in her names for oh my ghostess and strong woman do bong soon? I hope you take on a more projects this year, be it movie or drama series, I will watch them all!! She expresses herself so well in any roles she takes up. Sadly she often takes a long time for the next project. ♥♥♥♥ You are so cute and really an amazing actress! Her acting in Oh My Ghostess was incredible, playing the same person with two different personalities as a ghost possesses her. anyway i keep on looking for her instagram and twitter even on facebook but it seems like it's all fan made accounts..

I will anticipate for her next project where she is the main heroine. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, is one of the K-Drama I will never forget! I just hope that Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young will end up together for real ! She made me cry so much and gave me so many pain in the movie. I liked her in oh my ghostess but the movie itself wasn't as interesting as I thought. Park Bo Young eonnie, you are so cute and talented! You two's age difference was the cutest thing ever!! Her drama now is very good its actually having a good rating as for the feedbacks.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is my favorite korean drama of all time. It brought us laughter, showed us love, and entertained us from beginning till end! ♥ ♥ ♥ i love her so the most in and out beauty actress...fake, honest, pure and humble...always respect people and fans..i wish her success in career and most of all will get true soulmate who really love her.. -love from Morocco I know I fall for you since the very first movie, Hot Young Bloods. The producers of Oh My Ghost did the right thing by pairing her with Jo Jung Suk. Every act in Oh My Ghost seems so real, like a real couple.. I liked it but wouldn't watch it again like a 8/10 thing. I totally enjoyed watching all of your dramas, especially in 'Oh My Ghostess'. After watching A Werewolf Boy, I started searching for your other movies and as I browse, I found Oh my ghostess.

'Whisper' tells the story of a man and a woman who go from enemies to friends, to eventually lovers, while working together to prove the injustice of those who abused the law.