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With the lush green mountains, the azure Indian Ocean to the rolling plains populated with cultures and the people living it, Kerala claims its own unique place in vast country of India.

Apart from a great tourist spot, it also stands as an immensely progressive civilization.

Kerala, one of the smallest states in the Republic of India, was formed in 1956. The state has 14 districts and the capital is in Trivandrum [now Thiruvananthapuram].

It is bordered by the states of karnataka on the north, Tamil Nadu to the east and the arabian sea to the west (map). Flood threat rises as Harvey dumps torrential rains on Texas ROCKPORT, Texas (Reuters) - The most powerful hurricane to hit the U.

Bordered by Karnataka , Tamil Nadu and the Laccadive Sea, Kerala had been ruled by many powerful dynasties like the Cheras, Cholas and Pandayas.


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