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In fact, Kazakhs only make up about 67% of the population.

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Then in a split second, officers lunge at the man, wrestle the knife away from him, and get the little girl to safety.“As a result of joint professional actions of police officers and soldiers [the] attacker was neutralized, [and the] minor hostage freed,” the statement reads.

According to local media reports, the suspect is a 41-year-old man with a history of “property crimes” who was staying at a nearby hotel the day of the incident.

“In the background, the operator heard the attacker’s demands [for drugs].”Video taken by Russian police responding to the 911 calls shows the tense situation as officers confronted the man in the little girl’s bedroom.

READ MORE: Delaware prison hostage standoff ends with 1 guard dead Grabbing the girl around the throat with one hand while pressing the knife to her back with the other, the man shouts at officers while the terrified grandmother is consoled in another room.

Most of the Kazakhs do not look like Koreans, but some do.