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The idea is, it’s meant to be our day, not my day,” said the singer — who was also quick to add that her wedding dress would be white, not yellow — prior to the big day.

The surveillance tape led to the arrest of Thomas Hinton (pictured right).

"You can be the most pro-life person in the world but until you sit there and you hear those words and you look at your future going forward, that’s when you gotta face the reality and make your own decision", Royce Young told "The ultrasound tech came in and said, ' Your doctor wants to see you immediately'." "I mean, she just literally opened the door and said, ' I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but your baby doesn't have a brain'. The first 48 hours were very dark and very heavy and very testing." The Youngs added that they questioned everything, including the existence of God, as they came to terms with Ava's diagnosis.

"We were supposed to have a healthy pregnancy, so why us? They were understandably incredibly torn as to what to do.

Even though the infant is growing, developing and kicking like a normal baby, she has a rare condition called Anencephaly which stops the brain from developing properly.