Intimidating german last names

Bacher – Originates from towns such as Bach and Bachern. It can also be a variation of the German last name ‘Bach.’ (See above.)Bachofen / Backofner / Backofen - Means `baking oven’ and can be interpreted in the same way as the German last name ‘Backhaus’. Similar to a bakery, a ‘Backhaus’ was a small house in which a large oven was housed.Women from around the village would gather there to cook cakes and bread. Bader / Baader – Initially used in Austria, its origins are medieval.

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Some people make fun of it, but I grew up listening to my family speak it; so it reminds me of holidays, house parties, and home.

Growing up, I was accustomed to my parents switching back and forth between English and German (particularly when they were excited).

A famous bearer of this surname is the character of Stephan Derrick (played by Horst Tappert), the lead character in the German series 'Derrick'.

Means "friend of the mountain", from German freund, freud meaning "friend" and berg meaning "mountain".

The word armbrust was originally from Latin arcuballista meaning "bow ballista", but was modified under the influence of German arm "arm" and brust "breast".