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KFCs in China also have larger kitchens to accommodate the larger menus, and the actual restaurant is typically larger than those in the US. While KFC had been so thoughtful in how to localize their product and dining experience to suit the Chinese, it lacked the same thoughtfulness when translating one of their most popular catchphrases.According to reports, the popular saying “Finger-lickin’ good” was translated into Chinese, reading literally as, “Eat your fingers off.” Appetizing, right?

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In my spare time, I like to read folklore (and research about folklore), ghost stories, random cognitive science papers, and to sometimes blog about it all.

Embarrassing mistakes aren’t really a big deal when you make them in front of your friends, but make an embarrassing mistake in a global marketing campaign and you can bet everyone will be talking about it.

On the one hand, any historian or language translation expert will tell you that this makes perfect sense, as China is both a powerful force in the region and a very old culture, so it makes perfect sense that so many people and cultures would use their writing system.

But there are other reasons Chinese characters are so widespread and heavily used.

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