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When she finally accepted she was being conned, Mrs Hawes bravely strung Daudu along for two months and engineered the meeting at which police arrested him.

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That’s one reason why the practice of men (it almost always is men) tormenting former lovers by posting private sexual photographs of them online is on the increase. The introduction of a revenge porn offence in 2015 has helped, with more than 200 offenders being prosecuted in the first year.

Campaigners now want more custodial sentencing and harsher penalties dished out, but it is difficult to see how this will work in practice.

He had given me his password, so I logged in to his voice mail and recorded a new outgoing message. And then, to add fuel to the fire, I changed his password so he couldn't rerecord the message." — Backstabbing Bud"My friend has a reputation for being a flirt.

I never believed the rumors until she came to visit me and my live-in boyfriend.

Judge Nicolas Woodward told a sobbing Daudu that he'd carried out a 'deliberate and shameless betrayal'.