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For service to the arts and commitment to cultural development, particularly in the field of dance as founding director of the Australian Ballet School, and to encouraging young artists to achieve the highest standards in their careers.

The Honourable Justice Marilyn Louise WARREN Melbourne.

The social custom of respect and care for the old does not cause much problem in general.

Considered to be a biological phenomenon, it is accepted without much complaint among the majority of the elderly rural population.

Oral HRT is used to relieve acute climacteric/menopausal problems. Other used medications are calcium with Vitamin D, calcitriol, calcitonin, bisphosphonates, SERMS, natural/herbal products.

Bangladesh is a unique country where the Prime Minister and the leader of opposition are both women.

For significant contributions to public life in Australia in support of hospital and health administration, social justice and education, to young people as a role model, and to the Australian Parliament. For service to the Catholic Church in Australia and internationally, to raising debate on matters of an ethical and spiritual nature, to education, and to social justice.


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