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Primary inhumation is the initial burial of a deceased individual.

Secondary inhumation is the practice of removing the remains of the deceased individual from the pyre to the grave.

The rivets and old wick are removed and the wick is then sewn into the carrier just like sewing on a button. When wick burns down, cut threads, raise wick to expose 1 5/8" more wick, and reattach. Perfection KP10 (Check wick diameter, sleeve should be 3 1/4" diameter.) Also Perfection clones such as Puritan, Clark-Jewel; Direct Action; New Process; Diktator; New Favorite; some Sears and Wards; Dangler; Savoil; some Quickmeal; Miller; Windsor; E-z-est-Way.

[3 1/4" diameter steel carrier, wick does not extend below the carrier - see photo] -- New Wicks made with the original equipment to original specifications.

is just south of Mendoza and it features distinctive deep, wide-mouthed pottery with parallel stepped incised lines, punctations, and fingernail impressions, typical of southern Andean tradition.