Ian harding and lucy hale dating in real life

The 27-year-old was born in Germany to a military family and attended Carnegie Mellon, where he pursued a BFA in acting and music.

When Caleb just got back from Ravenswood and they both started drinking and not really making the healthiest decisions, she was the one who told Caleb he had to be better for Hanna.

Harding is tricked into helping a tag artist’s team help set a graffiti record, and is caught by the fake police and questioned.

When Bullett asked if he was mad, he said, “Oh, God.

On August 23, the PLL showrunner took moment to answer a fan question about what Ian and Lucy are like together on set. Kayti Burt is a contributing writer for Wetpaint Entertainment with a penchant for all things pop culture. Marlene King on Twitter Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on February 18, at 8 p. Check out Wetpaint Video With celebrity interviews and exclusives.

In April, Ian posted a throwback photo of he and Lucy, reminding us that these two have been goofing off behind-the-scenes since the beginning! In a recent interview, Lucy admitted that Aria still loves Ezra. Add your email to get news about your favorite shows or celebrities. Get Updated Add your email to get news about your favorite shows or celebrities.

The ratings success of the first 10 episodes prompted the book series to be extended beyond the initial eight novels.