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"They started seeing each other during the shooting of the show.There was an instant attraction, people working on the show are aware about it," an insider tells Us.( The couple's real life relationship would be a no-no in the Lyon household. In January, it was renewed for a second season after just two episodes.

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First • I don't typically like rap and hip hop but I LOVED THIS.

I am only not giving this a 10 because it's the first episode but OH HOT DANG it's great. Let's start out with saying GABOUREY SIDIBE HAS NOT DONE ONE BAD ROLE. I will keep this short and spoiler free and say that it has something for EVERYONE.

Georgian kings took title "King of Kings", which ruled over large territory consisted by Georgian, Armenian and Muslim areas, as well as numerous client states. These governments, confederations and other entities have sometimes been informally referred to as "empires".

Some did not fit the modern definition of empire (e.g.

See also List of possessions of Norway The empire was under Danish control from the Kalmar Union and forward, but the possessions remained Norwegian until the end of the Danish rule of Norway. It was formed by the Union of Lublin in 1569, between the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.


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    History, anthropology, and archaeology are three distinct but closely related bodies of knowledge that tell man of his present by virtue of his past.