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Unlike “traditional” online dating, which matches users on personality and hobbies, many of the programs simply pair up people based on their location.

This allows them to instantly meet someone in a nearby office, bar or shop, raising concerns that many users are more interested in casual sex than lasting relationships.

Alan Platt is an agent of transformation in the lives of individuals, local churches and corporate structures of society.

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Interested in meeting fellow Zimbabweans in South Africa?

Are you looking for trustworthy advice and tips on expat life from your Zimbabwean countrymen?

His influence extends beyond the church to the influencing of the business sector, education and society at large.

Alan is married to Leana and they have two adult children, Duncan and Amy.

However, just before midnight, an announcement was made through the PA system to tell the patrons of the predetermined price for the night."Mavuso a kajeno ke R150.