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The visit to the 4 star nudist resort was fantastic.I still remember how exhilerating it felt to walk naked out the door of our condo unit.

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Feeling the warm breeze all over my body was, and still is, a wonderful feeling. We were pleased to see a variety of body types lounging around the pool. Some people have the perception that the people at nudist resorts are all old, overweight, and unattractive. Among the various body types were fabulously gorgeous women, and handsome men. Running naked on the sand, plunging into the crashing waves, gave freedom a new meaning. Having your first public nude experience at a nudist resort gives you the confidence, if you need it, to go to a nude beach. The main concern is that there are only a handfull of legal nude beaches.

With this experience behind us, we were ready for our nude beach trip. If a beach isn't recognized as being legally nude, you always run the risk of law enforcement hassling you.

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