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The moment you cross the gate to stroll to the house through the front gardens, you travel back in time. But Chateau La Ballue is one of my very favourite places ever.

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With another day filled with historical delights and jaw-dropping sites still here in the heart of Beijing, we will start to understand just how much this vast country has to brag about.

A trip to the Great Wall, Ming Tombs & a Cloisonné Factory will fill our day, while local delicacies at the Wangfujing Night Markets will colour our night.

And not to mention bargaining, which I came to see as a competitive sport.

Food was probably the easiest entry to the culture, and one of my favorite things about living in the region. When fish is served in banquet-style, you offer the meat on the cheek to the dinner guest or most senior person present.

Also, less paperwork is required when buying precious metals in Hong Kong.