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Investment in UK Films is the archetypal High Risk, High Reward scenario and rarely recommended for the novice investor.However, with the potential for vast tax free profits and unlimited upside, the risk can be worth taking.In 2014 there were approximately 123 of 154 films budgeted under £1Mn.

Investment in UK Films risk can be mitigated by analyzing the same factors.

Common sense due diligence goes a long way, but seek an expert.

Now returns like these don’t come along every five minutes but there are good profits to be had each year. 2014 generated a total spend of £1.471 billion in 2014, a 35% increase on 2013 and a record figure.

Approximately 50% of this would have come from private equity investment. Films can be differentiated by factors as diverse as budgets, genres, experience of cast and crew, distributors and the quality and experience of the production team.

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