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While it does not cause any physical or health problems, RSPCA carers had feared Holly’s unusual situation was putting potential owners off since her arrival at the re-homing centre in November.But since a media appeal last month, staff at the charity’s Coventry and Nuneaton district branch in the West Midlands have had inquiries from as far afield as Denmark.

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B: Insurance doesn’t cover intersexed people, correct? It came out of a larger national group that meets once a year in different cities and has an online listserv and is only for one type of intersex diagnosis, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, which is what I have been diagnosed with. We were talking about football and the pancakes that we were eating and we had to make a deliberate effort to actually talk about our bodies and about what things are happening in our communities and what’s bothering us. She had no education about her body and she was in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex. The teacher was trans and felt the need to present all types of sexualities and genders, which was cool. And I had also learned in class that this is what people call hermaphrodites.” B: How did you feel when she said that?

They were having sex and she didn’t know if she had a cervix or a uterus or what a vagina was.” B: “In my sex ed, we didn’t cover intersexuality at all or the fact that people can have bodies different from the ones they show in the illustrations in the books. They did a little chapter on intersex and she actually picked up AIS, was the only thing she talked about, and coincidentally that’s what I had been diagnosed with without knowing. P: Well, I threw my phone at the wall, which was a cinder block wall, and my phone broke.

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P: My name is Pidgeon, but my real name is Jen Pagonis. I’m a girl.” B: Even though you can’t see chromosomes. ” Because that is what I identified with and had been told to identify with and believed so truly. So I go home and I call my mom on the phone and I said, “Ma, what do I have? What do they label me as in the medical records that you just got?