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The Russian Empire established a similar system in 1912, and other industrialized countries began following suit.

By the 1930s, similar systems existed in virtually all of Western and Central Europe.

The first move towards a national health insurance system was launched in Germany in 1883, with the Sickness Insurance Law.

Industrial employers were mandated to provide injury and illness insurance for their low-wage workers, and the system was funded and administered by employees and employers through "sick funds", which were drawn from deductions in workers' wages and from employers' contributions. In the United Kingdom, the National Insurance Act 1911 provided coverage for primary care (but not specialist or hospital care) for wage earners, covering about one third of the population.

Patients often have questions about drug expiration dates: Can they take a medication if it has reached the drug expiration date?

Are there recommendations about the best way to store medications?

Resident-centered food service is an essential part of the culture change movement.