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In the first two years of circulation the journal appeared fortnightly, then weekly until 1866 when publication finally ceased.Printed by lithography, the language used throughout is the Judeo-Arabic dialect of the Baghdadi Jews penned in their distinctive Hebrew cursive script.

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Thereafter, editorial responsibility passed on to David Hayim David, Doresh tov le-‘amo being subsequently printed on white paper, except from numbers 8, 9 and 16 for which blue paper was again used.

The serial’s most salient features are undoubtedly its unique calligraphy and decorated front pages of individual issues, particularly those printed in the years 1857-1858.

Due to these peculiarities, the journal’s readership was obviously limited to the Baghdadi Jewish community.

The first two issues were lithographed on blue paper by Sason ben David Sason who, as acting editor, set out the main goals of the journal in an opening essay.

He wants to feel that pain."He further explained: "I wrote this story.


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