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What else would you expect from a 3-time winner of @midnight's "Hashtag Wars"?

Check out the top dating problems Twitter came up with for The Dark Knight.

Even a simple pie chart [larger version] can reveal user activity at a glance: My own high visibility is mostly due to the satirical “tips” about the MLA I posted in the days running up to the conference.

So in anticipation of the Modern Language Association’s 2009 conference in Philadelphia, I set up a Twapper Keeper archive of all posts on Twitter marked with the hashtag #MLA09.

I also began archiving the material on my own computer, using a program called The Archivist.

(I’m into redundancy, especially when it comes to backing up data.) Anybody can export the collected tweets from Twapperkeeper as a compressed file, but I’m also posting here my own archives.

The first is an XML file of the over 1,600 tweets marked with the #MLA09 hashtag, dating from November 28, 2009 all the way to just about midnight on December 31, 2009: #MLA09 (I’ve zipped the xml file for easier downloading).

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