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barely ever makes any 'best of' superhero movie lists because it wasn't derived from a comic, and that's a real shame because it's a smart genre deconstruction that's impeccably written and directed, and houses a brilliant central performance from its leading man..

He still had the charisma and bad assery nature, but instead of just blowing things up he was given an awesome script and was involved in several of the film's most memorable moments.

While Travolta, Samuel L Jackson and Uma Thurman may get most of the attention, Bruce's performance as boxer Butch was powerful, commanding and brutal.

served as a late-period comeback of sorts for the one-time king of the action movies.

“I’m a Democrat of the liberal persuasion and I have always admired Jennifer Granholm,” he said.


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    This is not a faceless corporation but instead a kind community with a leader passionate about improving the lot of its users.

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    As previously reported, Cooper and Shayk welcomed their first child together — a baby girl named Lea — in late March.

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    “I definitely assume everyone is a Republican,” Becky, a 26-year-old elementary school teacher and Democrat who dates all political persuasions, told me.

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    The service was created by three former Pay Pal employees — Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim — in February 2005.