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Meaning: You have five fathers, i.e., your mother is a whore Used in: Arab countries, Caribbean If you are looking to get yourself deported from Saudi Arabia – possibly amid a riot – you can do no better than the Five Fathers gesture.The most inflammatory hand gesture in the Arab world, this sign accuses the subject’s mother of having so many suitors that paternity is impossible to determine.

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But the Spark's most compelling feature is the ability to launch and pilot the drone entirely through hand gestures.

That advancement makes the Spark DJI's most beginner-friendly model to date.

I’m bored While many cultures use the fairly simple gesture of a pretend yawn to show their boredom, the Italians use both hands to communicate the same message.

Point out your thumb and index finger while curling in your middle, ring and pinky fingers – much like you would do to represent a gun.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Gene Simmons was seeking to trademark a certain hand gesture.