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And so what, maybe the 18 year old just needs someone more mature than someone their own age.

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he says the havent had sex yet is it illegal for them to be dating? Her parents can't know about this either or they are out of their minds also.

i no that it is if they sleep together he is losing so much respect i think this is utterly disgusting they have only known each other for like 10 days an theyre dating!! I guess it really would take them getting involved before this could be stopped. IF he has 1/2 a brain, he'll wake up one day & realize the MISTAKE he's making.

Does he have someone to talk some sense into him, or at least try to?

I just don't think it's gonna last much longer tho.

I can completely understand why others may think its wrong, but if its true love then no one should be the judge of that . I HATE, HATE, HATE when in a big age gapped relationship, the man is older.