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“We had games going all the time off camera.”Fun fact: Mc Clanahan was originally slated to play the role of Rose, and White was set to play the roll of Blanche.

During the audition process, producers asked the women to read each other’s parts and decided to swap roles, much to Mc Clanahan’s delight.“It would have been painful for me to have to go to work every day and play Rose,” she admitted. She did a beautiful, funny job [with Rose].”Although the women will forever be linked to their famous characters, Mc Clanahan admits that they couldn’t be more different from their Golden Girl personas.“None of us was like any of our characters,” she said. She kept saying, ‘Can’t we make these characters Jewish?

Dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe says: ‘It can be an effective anti-ageing technique.

Undoubtedly, there are some actresses who have retrained their facial expressions to this end.

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