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Brightkite uses participants’ current locations to connect people, allowing them to chat and possibly meet up.The network has been heralded as a great way to meet new people, find a date or connect with locals while traveling.She knew that it was a crapshoot, as first dates always are, regardless of how they come about.

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When it comes time to mate again, the baboon female will often choose her buddy, the lower-ranking male.

Verdolin, an animal-behavior expert at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, North Carolina, says we can learn a lot from animals in our quest to find the ideal mate.

While she was gone, one of her buddies grabbed the phone, “swiped right” on the phone’s screen (meaning, “accepted”) for a young man living nearby (all in good fun, of course) and suddenly Tinderella had a date!

When her friends told her what they had done, she hesitated only slightly, and then gathered her things and left to meet the young man, with an open mind and perhaps with some thrill of excitement.

The following list includes five geo-location apps for romance-seekers on the go.


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    Most Mac vs PC opinions are put out there by people who are heavily invested on one side, which is what makes Ortiz' point of view refreshing. He uses both systems regularly, and spends the last part of the video praising the Mac for its various strengths.

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    The Gheg dialect is mostly spoken, along with the Albanians of Croatia (Arbanasi), Kosovo, Montenegro, and northwestern Macedonia.

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    Various drugs are administered to produce anxiolysis (benzodiazepines), amnesia (benzodiazepines), analgesia (opioids), antidepression (antidepressants/benzodiazepines), muscle relaxation, sleep (barbiturates, benzodiazepines, propofol) and anaesthesia (propofol, barbiturates, volatile anesthetics) for unpleasant procedures. A further aspect of the invention relates to a use of dexmedetomidine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof in the manufacture of a medicament for ICU sedation.