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One of two older brothers had it in him so strongly that Hayes happily wiled away hours of her childhood in Ballyporeen, County Tipperary, just watching him master any instrument he could lay his hands on.

When he married his pregnant girlfriend at 19 and got himself a factory job, Hayes made a promise to herself that she wouldn't ignore the music inside her in the same way that he had.

Listening to this delicately beautiful girl gabbling excitedly about her fledgling success, it is hard to imagine her as the source of what is essentially a melancholy album about the ache of emotional self-discovery, written - as the title suggests - almost entirely after dark.

'I can only write songs when I am feeling doubtful and worried,' she explains. I want to go to the pub and enjoy just feeling happy.'Happy isn't something Gemma Hayes has felt for much of her short life.

Whatever the case may be, Julian's work on his fifth album aspires to a thirty-something maturity (which seems particularly marked alongside the work of half-brother and fellow tradesman in the business Sean).

Has the proverbial high-jump bar been lifted now that there are two Lennon sons with record contracts?

Gemma prioritized her family over everything else and though she often used unscrupulous methods her intentions were usually for the best, or at least the betterment of the club or her family, which she usually viewed as one.