Gemini female dating cancer male

They approach life with their mind and through their words.

They are here to double and halve reality, and their relationship with the truth is mysterious and fascinating to themselves and others.

It can be a learning experience as they begin to mirror one another’s flaws or learn about differences in love.

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She tends to devote herself to her partner and will eventually want a family.

A Taurus man will do well with a partner willing to take on the public aspects of their life together while he turns his energies to making sure money & power come their way.

The divided attention of the Gemini man is unnerving, if you're wanting to catch his eye. If you're wanting something substantial to develop, give it time.

You'll know later whether you're flying through his orbit or if there's enough love glue to keep him by your side. Throw out interesting factoids that connect to your passion.

Consider that his mission is to cast a wide net, absorbing info from everywhere, and synthesize it into new forms. He's drawn to people that have a healthy interest in life and other people.


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