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As the Capital Fringe Festival enters its second full week, Celia Wren considers Jane Franklin Dance’s “Aflight,” and Cassandra Miller enjoys the dating scene laughs of “The Regulars.” “Aflight” Jane Franklin Dance’s “Aflight” avoids most easy correlatives.

Sure, the movement in this multimedia dance piece occasionally echoes the incorporated snippets of voice-over: During a monologue about birding, dancers cup their hands around their eyes, evoking binoculars.

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Bron was the Co-Creative Producer of the successful independent theatre event The Last Tuesday Society (with Richard Higgins), which has been staged at festivals and venues locally, nationally and internationally.

She developed the performance work Sweet Child of Mine in collaboration with her parents for the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival where it won the award for Best Experimental Performance.

It’s not the kind of scary that would make her want to cuddle with you or cover her face with your beloved biceps. Reserve this for when you are more comfortable with each other; you wouldn’t want her to hear you scream like a little girl when the innards pop out right? Apart from the fact that she may not like it, these movies also do not evoke the right kind of emotions which would make her fall in love with you.

Witness the vulnerability, thrills and heartbreak of the dating experience up close, as Bron Batten facilitates, interrogates and gleefully destroys the rituals of contemporary romance.

After a description of an entrepreneur indicating his new car, there’s a little pointing.