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" Notre objectif est de faire deux sous-stations chaque année représentant un chiffre d'affaire de 150 millions d'euros.

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Si tu consulta está relacionada con una incidencia de equipaje, pincha aquí Si quieres saber la situación de una reclamación ya reportada, utiliza el formulario "Consulta el estado de tu incidencia".

Si lo prefieres puedes dirigirnos una carta al Centro de Atención al Cliente.

Street Team enables its customers to turn their most influential fans into ambassadors who promote their events and sell tickets to their friends in return for rewards.

STX Next Delivered A global platform that enables advocates to experience the products that they love with their friends A unique Saa S application for brands, campaign managers and ambassadors A system that builds a strong relationship between events and their fans Advocacy driven model that can work in al- most any vertical that has a shared experience at its core ABOUT Seerene provides revolutionary insights and analytics into mission-critical software to help enterprises, IT services companies and regulators gain actionable insights into code, applications and teams.

The software enables authentication, automated on-boarding & mobile conversion optimization using the most advanced deep learning methods, focusing on a frictionless user experience.