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Suspecting the young man may be showing early signs of a heart attack, he bundles him into a treatment room.

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However, sympathy or agreement with the Al-Qaeda vision of Islam or its ideology is not common among young Saudis because the government of Saudi Arabia termed it as a "deviant" view of Islam.

Women's education in Saudi Arabia is, as with several other aspects of daily life, organized according to the principles of Islam, which is the official religion of the country, which is a fundamentalist religion that puts an emphasis on the importance of knowledge, study, and understanding.

Invented by an American drug company, doctors used Captagon throughout the Sixties and Seventies to treat narcolepsy and depression.

Initially, researchers believed it would be a safer alternative to standard amphetamines, but the US government placed Captagon on a controlled substance list in 1981, and five years later the World Health Organization followed suit – banning the tablets globally. Nowadays the Captagon available in Saudi Arabia is likely to be a mix of the genuine substance and a host of fake alternatives.

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