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So far, 11 of 21 people charged have pleaded guilty.

While the scandal seemed to many people a confirmation of all they've suspected is wrong with Wall Street and the hedge fund industry, Moffat's arrest was utterly shocking to the people who knew him. He was a confidant of IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano and widely considered a candidate to succeed him.

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The graphic indicated that the statistic concerned all human trafficking in the United States—not just “child sex trafficking” as Goodlatte’s statement said.

“His statement should have said human trafficking, not child sex trafficking,” said Goodlatte spokeswoman Jessica Collins.

He hung up and called a senior IBM lawyer, who gave him the name of a white-collar criminal defense attorney.

The bust sent tremors through Wall Street, exposing a world of illicit, back-channel dealings between prominent hedge fund managers and senior executives in the high-tech industry.

It’s about the audience who were in there that night and looked at the band who were the Sex Pistols who played their first Manchester gig and turned to each other and said, in that Mancunian way: ‘That’s rubbish! And that’s exactly what they did.""We know that Morrissey was there, who went on to form the Smiths.