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Experience both history and nature at their best - from Roman ruins and walled cities to unspoilt beaches and rugged islands just off the Adriatic coast.

Quaff wine with locals in Korcula, delve into the ancient history of Split, hike through the Hvar hinterland and be swept up in the magic of Bled. Dubrovnik is a beautiful white stone town surrounded entirely by city walls.

Split grew out from Diocletian's Palace and you can almost see it evolving in a multitude of different ways right before your eyes.

Some cultures might have made the palace a museum, but the city of Split has always been a dynamic, vibrant place and the palace houses many businesses as well as being home to locals.

Please email [email protected] all accommodations requests. If you simply want to request who you'd like to share a cabin with, or how many people are included in your group, then you can add a note on your ‘Online-Registration’ form, and we will ensure you're in a cabin with the people you request!