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If I don’t respond, they’ll think I’m sombong (Malay for “proud”), and then how? báicài Chinese cabbage: bái white cài vegetable, greens (Chi.–Eng. chinensis, an annual or biennial plant used as a vegetable which has large, dark-green leaves with white veins and white, fleshy, leaf-stalks that are broader at their base; Chinese cabbage, Chinese white cabbage. chinensis / [Common Name] Baicai, Xiaobaicai.” Known in Hk. 1960 Farmer & Stockbreeder, 8 March (Suppl.) 11, col. 1 Chinese cabbage, or pe-tsai, is a new vegetable to this country. The word would cover such superstitions as our objection to sitting down thirteen at table or walking under a ladder; with Malays it covers the «prohibitions» that enter (for unknown reasons) into every department of life. [I]t includes offences prescribed by customary or common law such as murder or adultery.

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After last year's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung had to step back and consider whether the Note line should even continue. But are these all leading to a paradigm shift with the South Korean tech behemoth leading the charge?