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A suburban family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie (Liana Liberato) meets her first boyfriend online.

Director made comment “I would fuck that pussy..” And bitchy already irritated Christie reply”CUT” ” OVER MY DEAD BODY”.

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Then we debate: is Google trying to avoid the Linux “stigma”?

Plus we’ve got a surprise unboxing, why Valve considers “Linux an island of stability in a sea of commercial chaos”…AND SO MUCH MORE!

Picture yourself poolside, where lush vegetation and cool, blue waters create the dreamiest of vacations. Though they did lose one piece of luggage in our party and never found it.

You know the one where fruity cocktails are on point, the beach is mesmerizingly gorgeous and the atmosphere around the resort makes you happy. All of Frontiers customer service reps are in the Philippines back to the resort - lots of reviews we read before we left said it was really difficult to get a spot at the pool or beach.

During GG porn set Christie seems to be Irritated from beginning. When she start filming her scene, she call “CUT” every time she don’t like something.