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Interviews with sex workers at identified hotspots were used to estimate the numbers and genders of sex workers working in each.

"It’s early days, the girls are a bit wary - they’re thinking, where’s the catch? Amy says E4WSA hopes to provide universal access to sanitary items to young, at-risk women or from low socioeconomic families.

"Not only do we think it’s going to have an impact on school attendance, but just general well being.

Another of Benavides' former clients was a defendant in a criminal case who told investigators she only had sex with him because she thought he was friends with the judge on her case.

Another former client told police she never paid Benavides to represent her in her two criminal cases, but rather met him at a motel to make "payments" every Tuesday.

A working estimate was reached of between 131,000 and 182,000 sex worker in South Africa, or between 0.76 and 1 % of the adult female population.