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It's probably enough for video chats or occasionally sending off messages, but if you’re looking to do anything more or regular, getting something devoted can make all the difference.

If you’re looking to record conversations between a number of people, lay down a track from either an instrument or a computer, or make your own podcast or radio show, then a standalone microphone is best. Audio-Technica AT2020: £125, uk The USB version of Audio-Technica’s well-loved microphone, this is a versatile piece of kit.

Coupled with his interest in popular live video streaming services of the time, Redban wanted "to do the same thing I was filming, but live", and set up live streams on from the green room at Rogan's comedy gigs.

The podcast had its first sponsor in the sex toy production company Fleshlight, a partnership that began in May 2010 and lasted until mid-2012 when the company claimed it had saturated his market by that time.

In 2013, Redban started to reduce his time as the podcast's sole producer.


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