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Once online payment is successful, your account is automatcially credited.

When you complete the first survey, you will earn your first points to jump-start your earnings.

Daily Goodie Box will send you a box of free goodies and all you have to do is let them know what you think. Members receive points for each survey they complete and are redeemed for hundreds of different gifts in an online shop, including electronics, cosmetics, movie tickets and more. if accepted you'll receive a confirmation email and a first survey.

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During the interview, the officer will analyze the information and documents received and will authorize or deny the VISA.

Printing the visa in the applicant’s passport The VISA will be issued within the following 10 working days and will be valid for 180 days and just for 1 entry to Mexico.

Make sure the merchandise is in its original packaging, (e.g., shoebox), and place it in a shipping box. Be sure to cover any old labels with the new one, or just peel them off.